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Your daughter went to a sleepover birthday party at her friend's house, what could go wrong?

This is a short horror game about you trying to rescuing your daughter from a creepy house.

The story might feel incomplete as Daughter is a submission to the Lost Relic Games Game Jam 2022 and was made in a week. The theme is "connection" and I'm going for a more abstract route about the connection between the father and the daughter.

Your comments and feedbacks are very much appreciated as I might be updating this game after the Jam.



  • If you have a hard time reading the notes, close the flashlight before you interact with it.



Only support keyboard and mouse.

W,A,S,D - Walk


F / E / LMB - Interact

G - Flashlight

Left CTRL - Crouch


If you enjoy my game, you can follow my development on Twitter : https://twitter.com/MikeLeeTen



TOOLS USED: Unreal Engine, Blender and Audacity


Modular PSX Architecture Pack: https://comp3interactive.itch.io/modular-psx-architecture-kit

Retro PSX Style Tree Pack: https://elegantcrow.itch.io/psx-retro-style-tree-pack

Retro House Pack:  https://elegantcrow.itch.io/retro-house-pack

Tiny Texture Pack 1: https://screamingbrainstudios.itch.io/tiny-texture-pack

Deceitful Castle in Dungeon Music Pack: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/audio/music/dungeon-music-pack-20599

Fantasy Sound Bundle: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/audio/sound-fx/fantasy-sounds-bundle-19376

Happy Birthday Whistle: https://freesound.org/people/gaiterjay/sounds/617576/

Requiem in d minor: https://musopen.org/music/43683-requiem-in-d-minor-k-626/

Biblical Goth Girl: https://crimsongcat.itch.io/biblical-goth-angel-girl

Brush Strokes: https://www.freepik.com/vectors/japanese-brush

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine, Audacity, Blender
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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turns out that i'm not a very good parent 

Very creepy

Interesting game

Great story to this but wish it had been a bit longer... :)

Nice game ! Loved it https://youtu.be/4Y8rOvKuui4

This game was def a cool game. It gave a very eerie feeling and it def gave me chills. Keep up the good work!! 

French Youtuber ! j'adore le jeu


Easily the worst sleepover ever! 

Hi Mike! Thanks so much for making this game! The ending was quite unexpected and I was fooled by it, the notes left in the house were quite misleading but gave the game a nice touch!



little and nice game !!

Fun little game, great job :)

Played the game on my channel- It was pretty spooky! I'm interested in seeing what else you'll make in the future!

I don't know why, but I got big Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes from this. Good job!


Had a good laugh when i walked in front of the dad 馃槀 really enjoyed your game!! 


Is pretty creepy. Very short game . I never did find the cake lol Very fun game though. Great job!  Game is the 1st and starts at 00:19 

Nice job!


Im never going to a sleepover again! quite a thrilling experience good job on the game dev!

onestamente no, trama inconsistente, una casa senza bagni e cucina, grafica da gane guru.  Un "gioco" su cui lavorare di piu'. Sia nella architettura della casa che nei 2 unici personaggi. Idea interessante ma che sarebbe dovuta essere ampliata e sviluppata meglio


Played at 
Played at 24:19. What a brilliant game this was, really creepy atmosphere.

You did well taking something extremely relatable like your daughter having a sleepover, and turning it into something super creepy.

Check out my video.


Thanks for this game !

Uploaded this as part of a 3 scary games video and it wasn't a bad game at all. I wish there was more too it but it still wasn't bad. Try it out for yourself! Heres my video if you wanna watch. Game #1 in video

Nice Game!!

This was a good game, really creepy. Well done!

Totally Lovely Game,Expected some Jumpscares But Tough It Was For Game Jam It Was Very Lovely.

 Check Out My Gameplay if You Dont Mind:)


LOVED THE EFFECTS! Honestly! It's the third game I played!

I had fun playing this! It's not a bad game to be made in  a week!! you're game is the first in the video!! I hope you enjoy!! 


Whats a birthday party without cake?! Guess what there was no cake! Good short horror with a twist. Game was featured in a random horror line up!馃憤


I told her not to go!! There wasn't even cake!

Good job on the game!


crap game that was


where's the cake i wanted some cake


The cake was a lie and I'm upset, papa lied. Last game:

Pretty cool!

Nice little game, the ending was creepy.

I always find it amazing what people can do in just 7 days.

I loved the creepy build-up in the game. I was literally waiting for a jumpscare the whole time.  

The gameplay starts at 00:17


Im never going to a sleepover again! quite a thrilling experience good job on the game dev!


The first game in this video and the game isn't bad :)


Really cool game. Creepy ending too. First game in my video.

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