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The hardest part about making this video was getting a daughter to lose in the forst place.

but honestly she's such a little sh*t that you can keep her 

I don't know why, but I got big Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes from this. Good job!

Pretty good for a sort jam game. You packed a lot of creepiness into a small package.

Short, simple, but with a good atmosphere. 

This was a really fun game! As a musician, I was really interested in the whistling at the end. It was a version of happy birthday I had never heard before. I hope you enjoyed my playthrough and "piano cover" at the end 😂

Awesome game!!! Hoping to see your other games in the future!!! Keep it up and God Bless

 atmosphere. The music was perfect with the vibe. Make more like this or add on to this one! Loved it!


i played this game on 4:46

this game is creepy, got the vibes, and i think need some additional. but stiil its good game. good job  

creepy vibes and quick ending but still a good game :)

Neat little game, the atmosphere was definitely it's strong suit . The ending also leaves people wondering, which can be a nice touch if done correctly . Good job !

I made a video on your game if you'd like to give it a watch :)

Loved your game, great pacing and visuals. Enjoyed the sneaking part inside the house, it added to the atmosphere without frustration. Unfortunately her friend's father turned out to be Buffalo Bill. Thanks for creating, great experience :)

Very creepy short game. Great work! 

Hellooo, I liked. Nice game :)


The game's interesting and the story itself is easy to follow as long as you read a bit between the lines. I would tone down the flashlight lighting when it's on the note. The light seems to drown out the words on it. Beyond that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

A short but good game. I really liked the ending, whistling the birthday song and locking you was quite twisted.


First game in the video. Great game to start! Good atmosphere, good dynamics, kept me wanting to find out more! Looking forward to where this game goes! Keep it up!

Comments below clip;

Had problems with the flashlight, as it blew out the notes and the key [that I accidentally found]. Also there's a problem with the light and other boundaries. I liked the openings music and Mozart's Requiem [Death Mass], but above all, enjoyed playing the game.

Well done and kudos to all involved.

Clearly we're playing as Parent of the Year material here!
Excellent job. I really hope we get to see more of what happens at the house, especially once you find the final notes. Top notch atmosphere, the premise and environment is creepy as heck and I had a blast playing this.

Hi Boundless, thank you for the great commentary of my game. I'm glad that you include your complaints and nitpicks , which gives me an idea on what I should fix and improve.

I just found out about the flashlight issue and it is very annoying. It is clipping with the wall and causes it to flicker if you walk thru the doorway.

Also, I wasn't expecting anyone to close every door behind him. The guy covered in blood is suppose to appear behind the door and whistle the birthday song.  And at the end of the song he was suppose to close the door and shut you in.

When you restart the game from the main menu, I forgot to restart the state of the game, so on 2nd play though you already triggered the guy to disappear and have the flashlight in your inventory.

Really appreciate the encouraging words at the end. Seeing other people playing my own games really motivates me to continue creating games.

Short but pretty decent, never trust this house with a sleepover. Made a video on it.

happy birthday to you

Good game. Confusing but the creep factor is definitely maxed out.

bug: you can fall off the map

Hi, thanks for the bug report. I have added invisible walls around the outdoor map to prevent players from falling down.

Scary! Creepy atmosphere. No jumpscare but still gives you this uneasy feeling while playing. Good job!

Love this, hope to see more updates in the future!

nice spooky 

love the game

Cool game!

Thanks for playing. I agree that the game was too short and the story ended abruptly. You are right! My original plan was to include Claire and Ann in the story with good and bad ending, but I have to cut short for the game jam deadline. So now I just leave the ending up to interpretation of the player.

eyyy this was a nice short trip and now i learned how to bake :D hope you enjoy the vid :)


Hi Shiro K, thanks for playing. I appreciate your positive feedbacks and comments at the end of your video.

glad you enjoyed it and good luck on next projects ! just keep them holy :D

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