A downloadable game for Windows


A short narrative experience to be completed in 5 - 10 minutes.

The game was created in 3 days as a submission for the Game Dev Unlocked Game Jam #3 - Winter edition.


W,A,S,D to move

F to interact / continue

Spacebar to Jump

Shift to sprint


Game was created using Unity and tons of assets to speed up the creation of this project. Special thanks to these asset creators:

  • Playmaker - Hutong Games LLC
  • Character Controller PRO - Lightbug
  • Highlight Plus - Kronnect
  • Gaia 2021 - Procedural Worlds
  • Aura 2 - Oniric Studio
  • Rewired - Guavaman Enterprises
  • Ultimate Game Music Collection - John Leonard French
  • 4 Snow Materials - Danil Piskor
  • Polygon packs - Syntystudio
  • Antique binoculars - Miling
  • Explosives Package- Rem Storms
  • Fantasy Sounds Bundle - Cafofo


White Snow of Hope 65 MB


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Great story and setting. Short but effective.
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nice story

are you running at 5fps


I really like the mood you established for this game. It was highly enjoyable to experience. Can't wait to see what you create next!

Thanks, I'm glad that you like it!